Hiring a profession plumber for a bathroom remodel

My husband and I initially planned to handle our master bathroom as a DIY project.

We are experienced with tearing down walls and ceilings, replacing windows and hanging drywall.

In the past, we’ve installed light fixtures and changed out the toilet. Tackling the pipes and drains turned out to be far beyond our skill set. We had no trouble gutting the room. We removed the vanity, faucets, shower head, tub and took the bathroom down to the bare studs. The trouble started when we attempted to relocate the sink. We created a mess. There was no hope of our completed results operating properly or reliably. Considering the consequences of leaking pipes and slow-moving drains, we decided to hire a licensed plumber. I read reviews online and found a reputable plumbing company that is fully licensed and insured and guarantees their work. When the plumber showed up to provide an estimate, he offered some really helpful recommendations. He had ideas that never occurred to us. Because of his insight, we were able to free up some space and add a double sink. He also had a knowledge of modern plumbing innovations that enhanced aesthetics, convenience, efficiency and hygiene. Touchless faucets, a smart mirror, a glow in the toilet bowl, multiple shower heads and heated toilet seat are some of the amenities that make our bathroom more luxurious. Everything turned out perfectly. I am so happy with the color scheme and how easy everything is to clean. It was such a relief to have a professional plumber take on the labor and stress of completion.

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