Fall is approaching quickly and having systems inspected

I am not ready for summer to be over just yet.

I can’t believe that we are in middle of August and September is in a matter of weeks! Once September rolls around I will be very busy.

The type of job that I’m in, starting September and lasting until the end of fall, that is our busy season. I will be working really late hours at work on top of coaching a girls soccer team. I feel like since I will be working a lot and coaching as well, I will hardly be at home. During this time the only time I am really home is late at night. I neglect my home and at times I will leave dishes in the sink for a few weeks. I made sure to set a notification reminder on my phone for the end of the summer to contact my HVAC provider. I like to call them so they can get a HVAC technician out to my home to inspect my HVAC system. I always like to have my HVAC technician take a look at my HVAC system before the weather gets colder. Once the weather starts getting chillier, I have to adjust my thermostat and start using my furnace. By having the technician check my furnace it ensures that it is safe to start using and that it will function properly. I learned the hard way when I didn’t have my HVAC technician come take a look at my system. I went to start up my furnace for the first time in the fall and there was no hot air coming out of the air registers. There was a leak in my ductwork!


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