Going home and air conditioning not working due to thermostat

My husband and I have been running errands all day.

We just finished our downstairs basement so we were getting a lot of decorative things for our newly renovated space.

We went to the furniture store to look for a sectional and we also needed to find some picture frames to put family pictures in. Plus we figured that adding decor pieces would make the downstairs stand out. Once we got home we realized that it was much warmer than usual. When we went to the thermostat it had a blank screen. We figured that the reason why the air conditioning unit was on and running but no cold air was coming out of the vents was due to the thermostat and it running out of batteries. Therefore my husband I had to go back to store get batteries and then come home and put the batteries in the thermostat. Once we were finished the air conditioning you could begin to feel the cold air coming out of the air registers. Luckily we did not have to call our HVAC technician to come and fix the problem. Sometimes some HVAC providers will charge a travel fee for just coming out to your house even if they don’t work on the HVAC system. This did not happen for us since we solved the issue by just changing the batteries out of the thermostat. However in a few weeks we will have to call our HVAC technician for a maintenance check and cleaning to ensure proper efficiency with the HVAC system.

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