Owning a new business hiring a HVAC technician to install HVAC system

My family are entrepreneurs.

My dad has been owning business since the late 1990’s. When I was younger I would always go to the main office to help him. Helping him at a young age consisted of drawing things on his scrap paper and playing with paper clips. I was always entertained and I loved going to the office because there was a huge fish tank. As I got older I went to college for business. I wanted to follow my dad’s footsteps. Now that I’m in my late twenties I have decided to go into my own chain of businesses. He is into owning food franchises while I am into the gym business. The process of building a gym from scratch has been quite stressful. I didn’t realize the amount of work and time it takes. I have been there seven days a week supervising my contractors. Just yesterday I had my HVAC technician come and give me a consultation and an estimate to how much it’s going to be. It is going to cost me a pretty penny, but it’s important to get a modern, reliable HVAC system installed in the gym. No one wants to work out in a gym where there’s no air conditioning or heat during the winter time. I’m making sure that my gym has zone control. With zone control I can control the temperatures in different parts of the gym. In the cardio section of the gym the air conditioning temperature is going to be set lower because when you’re doing cardio you will be sweating more. I would want relief from air registers with cold air coming out of them to cool me down.


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