Studying about the HVAC industry

I have been working at the same job since I graduated from college. I went to school for finance and I got a job right after I graduated. I was really lucky to get a job right after graduation because a lot of my friends really struggled to find jobs. So, I went to work the Monday after we graduated and I worked as hard as I could so that my boss would take me seriously. However, I have been at this job for about twenty years and I am over it to say the least. I am really wanting to start a new career, but I am nervous that I am too old to start looking for a new job. So, I just started to look online to see what time of jobs were out there right now. I saw that a local HVAC company was hiring an HVAC salesperson and I thought that might be the perfect job for me. So, I started to do more research on the HVAC industry. I was surprised at all the advances in HVAC technology and I was really interested in looking more into this position. I called the HVAC company that was hiring to see if I could get more information on the position and they went ahead and invited me in for an interview. I was so happy that they invited me in for the interview because I really think that I would be great as an HVAC salesperson!


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