Seeing my boyfriend's apartment for the first time and finding it very cold

I recently started dating a guy that I really like a lot.

We have been dating for about two months now, but I think he might be the one.

I haven’t been over to his house yet, but last week he invited me over for dinner and I was so excited to finally go over to his house. I was a little nervous though because most guys are very messy and don’t know how to take care of a home. However, right when I walked in I noticed how nice and clean the house was compared to other guys that I have dated in the past. Another thing that I noticed right away was how cold the house was compared to mine. I am always cold so I like to keep my air conditioning set to a rather high temperature, normally the thermostat is set to around seventy-five degrees. I was so cold when I walked in that I regretted not bringing a sweater. I didn’t want to offend him by asking if I could adjust the settings on his thermostat, but I think he saw the look in my eyes when I walked in. He asked me right away if I wanted to turn the air conditioning down and I was really happy that he did. I adjusted the thermostat just a little bit so that it wouldn’t get too hot for him while he was cooking. Other than the temperature of his house, I was really happy with everything else!

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