Installing a new HVAC system

My wife and I just bought a new house and we are really excited to move into it and start our new life in our new house.

While the house is new to us, the house is about fifty years old and there are a lot of repairs that will have to be done before we can move in.

One thing we will have to do is replace the floors, the wood floors that are currently installed have really had termite damage and need to be changed out. So, we are going to have to take care of this first. The next thing we need to do is have the kitchen appliance replaced. This isn’t that important, but all the kitchen appliances are very outdated right now. After we fix all of these things we really need to install a new HVAC system. Right now the HVAC system is the same one that was installed when the house was built. That means that it is fifty years old, so the HVAC system is really old at this point. I have told my husband that I think getting the HVAC system replaced is the most important, but he disagrees with me and wants to fix the floors first. I decided to go ahead and call a local HVAC company to get a quote on installing a new HVAC system in our house and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be at all. I am going to talk to my husband because I think we might be able to install the new HVAC system and the new floors at the same time!

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