New HVAC system in an old house

One of the best parts about buying a new house is that you can do whatever you want with it.

The most exciting part of buying my first house was knocking the walls out in the living room to the kitchen in order to create the open concept I had always wanted.

One thing that I chose to ignore when we bought the house was the old HVAC system. I knew that eventually, this would cause problems. The reason I ignored this was because I know that the region where I live rarely gets hot or cold enough to where an HVAC system is necessary. I think that HVAC is unnecessary in most climates, but most homes have them anyway. A good HVAC system to many, but not to me and my family. We are more comfortable in the elements and we are letting an HVAC control the way we feel on a daily basis. I enjoy using the HVAC mostly when I am sick or pregnant. Being pregnant can make a woman become much warmer that she was before being pregnant. Having a good working HVAC system is a great thing but to my family it is not a priority. When we decided to rent the house out, we decided that it was time to upgrade our HVAC system. Many people see heating and cooling as a necessity, and we wanted to be the best landlords in the game.

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