Buying a house for the first time

As a newly wed couple, we decided the first thing we should do together is to buy a house.

With no experience at all, we jumped into the home buying game head first.

We had no idea how intense the homebuying process could be. We knew that there were many things that needed to be assessed prior to buying a house. Everyone we knew had their own input and wanted to help us make the right choices. In the region where we live, it can get very hot during the summer months. Some places, a working air conditioner is not necessary, but here, it is one of the first things people ask when buying a house. A lot of sellers will replace the HVAC system before selling the house. This is always a great selling point. Replacing an HVAC system can be time consuming and very expensive. Knowing that a house you are considering buying has a new HVAC system already takes a lot of the pressure off of the homebuying process. A lot can go wrong with a new house, and people say that most of the time, a faulty HVAC system is to blame. The house that we selected had a wonderful back year, plenty of room in the house, and a brand new HVAC system! The new house really checks all of the boxes for me. I am happy with our house and the new HVAC system.

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