Getting bugs out of our house

I consistently hated it when summer time and Spring were here, then not because I don’t love the temperatures, oh no, I easily care about the mild temperatures of Spring… But mainly because that’s when all of the bugs come out, and i don’t know what it is about bugs and our heating and cooling machines, however something about them seems to attract bugs.

It’s unbelievable, then seriously, I’ve seen bugs fly by normally, stop and buzz back to the air conditioning program and fly into the spinning blades of doom.

Now, somehow, they have managed to get into our cooling system vents as well. It’s disgusting and I am embarrassed to invite people over anymore because there will be dead bugs on the floor, and I am sure they are thinking what’s wrong with me. It’s so unfair! I have called out several Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialists to disinfect out our air conditioning equipment and AC ducts, and yet the bugs keep coming back, then they Heating, Ventilation and A/C people know me by name now, and the bug killing companies do as well; Killing the bugs only keeps them away temporarily, those bug’s offSpring and friends will consistently come back to ruin our day and die in our house. I am hoping to eventually get a different type of air conditioning program that isn’t outside, maybe a ductless mini chop which doesn’t have ducts, to get rid of this problem. But for now, I will have to deal with this bug marathon, I can’t wait til Winter when most of the bugs die, then I can finally have some peace.


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