Every factory should have an air conditioning system.

I work at a busy factory. In the factory, there are large furnaces and machinery of every kind scattered throughout the building. As one would expect, the furnaces produce an extraordinary amount of heat and noise. At times the furneses would make it so hot that many of the men working would need to step out of the building because they were overheating. This happens several times a day and It needed to stop. We went to our manager to petition a complaint about the furnaces and we requested that either there be put several windows in the factory that would allow fresh air to come in and out or a couple of air conditioners would be installed by an HVAC technician. The manager took it to the board of managers where they discussed putting in an air conditioner or maybe moving the furnaces location to a better ventilated area. They finally decided to install some heavy duty air conditioner systems. We were all thrilled to finally be working in an air conditioned building! The HVAC technicians came and began installing the air conditioners for us and we have never been more grateful. When the HVAC technicians were finished installing the air conditioners, we took them out for lunch to show them our gratitude. After lunch, we asked the HVAC technicians to show us how the HVAC system works so we could do minor repairs to the air conditioners when needed. It has been a few weeks since the HVAC technicians installed the air conditioners and I can’t tell you how great it’s been working in an air conditioned environment. Thanks to HVAC, our efficiency has nearly doubled at the factory and we are all much more comfortable in the work area.


Air conditioning system

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