Difference of opinion on indoor temperatures

There is nothing worse than when you can’t agree with someone on something, I’m not talking about a little difference of opinion, I’m talking about a full-blown fight, but this was the case with my wife and when we started out, we went together like eggs and bacon.

I didn’t know there would ever be anything that can separate us.

However, as we got to know each other more we started seeing more of each other’s flaws, and as this went on we started to grow more apart rather than closer together. It might seem rather silly but one of these major flaws between us was our difference of opinion on indoor temperatures. This was actually important because we had planned to live together and we could not even agree on what temperature to keep the control device set on. If we could not agree on something as simple as that, how in the world would we make more complicated decisions together? It just didn’t seem possible. The whole difference of temperatures actually started to escalate too because it got to the point where we would try to physically prevent each other from changing the control unit. I’m still hoping that we can find a way to resolve this problem, but my wife didn’t bring up the option of a zone controlled heating and air conditioning system, but I’m just not sure if that will work. It seems kind of like a Band-Aid for greater concerns.

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