We weren’t able to figure out the smart thermostat

My cousin chose to get a current smart thermostat which seems to be a little too smart & is overthinking the cooling process entirely.

I set it for 71 F last night & when I woke up it was set to 80 F.

I believe it learns her patterns & adjusts itself as needed, however the two of us just want the thing to entirely remain at 71 F while at night. I need a school degree in smart thermostat controls to figure this thing out as there are roughly 14 odd screens on it to choose from. I thought I had the auto sensing setting shut off however it still swings the setting separate from me changing anything. I believe I need to find the smart thermostat owner’s manual & leaf through it to figure out what is going on. I guess a good friend helped install the device here a year ago so I may go ask him if he knows. He works in the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C equipment industry & must be aware of how to program these smart thermostats. I’m still used to the old dial units where you just transport the lever up or down to make changes to the setting. Those nights are gone though & it is time to roll with the swings & learn more about these current smart thermostats. This actual one is round with bright orange LED lights on it & looks completely advanced. I am going to look online at the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C equipment company that makes the thermostat & find out if they have information on how to really program it. I’ll figure this out soon enough.
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