Time will pass by quickly while I’m visiting my family

I’m so gleeful to be back home around my family members after being gone for a long period of time.

My mother passed away while I was gone as well as I can easily feel the empty spot where she once was.

I am going to start coming back every so often as well as stay for a month or so. My cousin said I can stay with her for a period of time, so as long as she remains single there will be a place for me to crash when I come home to visit. I got a new rental car, with an ice cold air conditioner device, for $1300 for the month which is not a bad deal at all in today’s economy. I am going to paint my cousin’s household while I am here to negate the cost of the rental car, it should only take me a week to do. I need to go to the local business, which sells paint, to grab some bins as well as some painting tools as well as get going on this actual job. I only have 3 more weeks here as well as it is going to go by pretty suddenly so I need to get started soon. I’m gleeful my cousin keeps her household cold because I can’t sleep well at night if there is no air conditioner working, especially when it is as hot as it is outside now. I have a ceiling fan in my room but it spins so slowly I don’t legitimately feel anything from it. I am going to buy her a HEPA filter at the local company’s shop that sells Heating as well as A/C devices.



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