New Homeowner Gets Crash-Course in Heating and A/C Replacement

The HVAC supplier showed us that the duct was shot as well.

So, being a homeowner isn’t exactly all it’s cracked up to be. As it turns out, there’s a ton of adulting that has to go along with owning a house. That was a bit of a shock to the system. I’m ecstatic to have left beach house life with its mediocre HVAC system and trips to the laundromat, but I have already had to face some challenges when it comes to owning my first home. I bought a small, 2 bedroom starter house that needed some work. It is older, and there were things that had to be replaced and improved. My dad, who is an immense time house project man, counseled me (and others) through the process. He thought that he and I could take care of most of the stuff. Although, we both acknowledged that the heating and cooling device would have to be replaced. Of course, that is the domain of HVAC professionals. But it wasn’t just the heat pump that was shot. Both of us found this out after all the other renovations were done, and we were addressing the heating and A/C unit. The HVAC supplier showed us that the duct was shot as well. I was in a bit of a tight spot, because ripping out the ductwork was going to be expensive and mess up the other completed renovations. On the advice of the heating and A/C professional, I went with the ductless multi break heating and cooling system. There are 2 ductless heat pumps in my house and they supply such quality heating and air conditioning that I’m ecstatic the ductwork was no good.



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