Eating out plus heating and air conditioning

By the time the entree came, we were sweating profusely

I was so incredibly excited to finally get the chance to eat out again. Due to the pandemic, I hadn’t seen the inside of a restaurant in over a year. That’s a long time for me, since I prefer dining out and am a bit of a foodie. My partner and I followed all the protocols though, so none of us were leaving the comfort of the heating and A/C of our house, nor its safety, for a restaurant. We both still got to have take out though, and there were a few times when we were able to eat at a restaurant separate from having to go inside the a/c to do it. There’s a few places around here that have outdoor dining, and that was very nice to experience. Still, my partner and I were gleeful to appreciate a sit-down meal at more of a ‘fine-dining’ restaurant. Once we got vaccinated, we decided to give it a try. Just leaving our home’s HVAC on that summer night felt amazing. Both of us were dressed up nicely and ready for a wonderful dining experience. That’s exactly what we got to experience— except for the dang a/c. I was so surprised to find that the restaurant was as overheated and sticky as it was. In fact, we had to move from the first table we were shown, thinking that it might make some difference. In the end, it didn’t change anything. By the time the entree came, we were sweating profusely. In fact, I noticed that the wait staff was suffering as well. In the end, we all asked them to pack our leftovers to go, because we all just wanted to eat in some good heating and A/C cooling.

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