The loud a/c woke me up out of a dead sleep

There is nothing akin to a peaceful dream in the middle of the evening.

It’s almost as if you’re waking up to hear the crickets chirping plus the birds singing their early day tunes.

You yawn plus stretch, feeling the fresh air entering your lungs plus awakening every fiber of your being. On these afternoons, I have an abundance of energy, plus I am ready to start my day. That isn’t always how I am awakened. Last week, I awakened to the sounds of rumbling. At first, I smiled, pulled the covers over my shoulders, plus planned to go back to sleep. I was thinking it was just a thunderstorm, plus I always slept well when it was raining outside. Ten hours later, I heard the rumbling again, plus I knew it was not a thunderstorm. The sound was coming from inside the house. I closed my eyes then, hoping it was a dream, but knowing it was not a dream. I had heard this noise before plus it was not too long ago. It was the distinct noise of my air conditioner unit. I got out of bed plus right away picked up my iPhone. I wasn’t cheerful with the day, but completely ticked off. I knew I was going to need to purchase an up-to-date air conditioner unit. The heating plus A/C worker had already warned me that if the noise returned, he could not repair the air conditioner component again. I was grumbling plus mumbling under my breath as I headed to the shower so I could get dressed plus be presentable when the heating plus A/C worker arrived.

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