I really should have read the property lease more carefully

As soon as I turned 18, I was ready to move out of our Dad’s place plus find a lake house all our own. My best friend Tommy was living in her parents basement plus she wanted to move out as well. The two of us started to hunt for a lake house so the people I was with and I could share the rent plus the utilities. Tommy found a two-bedroom lake house on the other side of town. It was a quaint place, even though it was a little small. Both of us had our own bedrooms, plus Tommy and I had a legitimately giant plus spacious living room, bedroom, plus living room. Both of us had to share a single bathroom between the two of us. My best friend Tommy plus I were blissful to sign the lease plus moved into the property. Not that many of weeks after Tommy and I moved our final piece of furniture to the apartment, our best friend Tommy plus I had our first lake house problem. I was emptying a box in the bathroom plus the box fell into the sink plus broke the handle off the bathroom sink. Water started spraying everywhere plus I had to shut off the water to the sink in order to stop the flow. I called the property owner to fix up the bathroom sink plus she told myself and others it was our responsibility. In the property lease agreement, I am responsible for all repairs to the apartment. I legitimately should have read the property lease a little more carefully. My friend plus I did not have the money to fix the sink, plus Tommy and I had to spend next week’s rent to get the concern repaired.



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