I had to go inside a genuinely creepy house to repair some lady’s air conditioning system

I’m an Heating as well as A/C worker, as well as I recently had to go into this genuinely creepy house to repair someone’s air conditioning system equipment for them, however i don’t like going into aged creepy houses when I’m out on calls all by myself.

Maybe that sounds like I’m a large aged baby, as well as maybe I am! But I’m a pretty large guy, as well as I’m not scared of really much. I’m not scared of snakes, or pets, or spiders, or anything like that, but I hate the thought of going inside of a house that looks like it could be haunted or something, then this lady who needed her air conditioning system fixed looked like a creepy aged witch to me, then when she invited me in for some gingerbread before she showed me the air conditioning system system, I just about ran right back out the door! It felt like I was in the middle of a fairytale as well as she was going to try as well as shove me into an oven as well as eat me for breakfast! The longer I was in the house, the creepier it felt in there… Even before I made it down to look at the central air conditioner, I told her that I had to go back out to our Heating as well as A/C truck. I genuinely didn’t need anything out of the truck; I just had to go out there as well as compose myself before I went down into her basement… You really believe that I should stop being such a baby, although I can’t help it. Stuff like that gives me the creeps. I called into our dispatch office as well as told them that I needed backup from another Heating as well as A/C worker, although I really could have fixed everything all by myself.



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