Schools Need HEPA Filters

Our school systems are facing a great challenge, and there is no question that the modern situation, with children reading from home, will last sometime, but it will not last forever, and every one of us need to be ready with the improvements that ensure that our school systems are ready for this challenge when every one of us face it, and every one of us are bout to face it before every one of us know it… Of course the summer time cut is naturally about to occur, so this buys us some time to make the improvements every one of us need to our buildings in order to keep our children and our staff safe, then it has been decided that a key aspect of our program is to focus on teh recent findings that air transmission of bacteria is part of the problem.

That is why any Heating and A/C repair timetable that exists currently for any school building is to be superseded by the following program of action.

The two of us have full budgetary discretion to update unquestionably aspect of our commercial Heating and A/C systems in every and any way each responsible party sees fit. It is stipulated but that each school building be fited with HEPA filters, UV media air cleaners and top of the line humidity control. Beyond that each building will have particular air quality systems issues that they now have full discretion to deal with without any problem for budgetary issues. There will be no excuse therefore if somebody were to fall ill due to air quality issues. If air purification help is required then by all means consult with any professionals that may be of help outside of the organization. The goal is simply to make sure this is done properly, by any means necessary.


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