I was happy to come home and relax in the a/c after helping my friend move all day

Usually I have a rule against helping people move because it turns into a grueling experience most of the time.

The people you help expect you to stick around for hours with no pay, and it’s even worse if you’re lifting furniture that could cause back injuries if you’re not being careful enough. If someone was willing to pay me, I might be more happy to help out in that capacity. While that rarely happens, I was surprised when my friend George not only offered to pay me cash for helping him move all day, but would also buy me a pizza dinner with a six pack of beer on the side. With an offer like that, I couldn’t turn my buddy George down so I set aside time on the Saturday when he was going to need the help. Luckily George didn’t have any massive furniture to move that would risk me injuring my legs or back, but the number of boxes was insane. Hours were spent just carrying boxes out of his basement, walking them up the stairs, and then taking them outside to put in the moving truck he rented for the weekend. When we were finished at last, I ate dinner with George quickly and then headed home with the six pack of beer in tow. It was really refreshing and satisfying to come home and relax with my air conditioner set on a low temperature after helping my friend move boxes all day. I have a strong air conditioner and I made full use of it that evening. Between the cold beer and the cold air leaving my ceiling vents, I was in a relaxed lull after an hour of being home and sitting on the couch.

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