Air purifiers are beneficial for everyone, not just those with respiratory and sinus allergies

While I never had issues with allergies, my sister was the opposite growing up. She couldn’t really play in team sports because she has asthma and struggles to exert much physical effort without losing her breath. She keeps an inhaler close to her at all times and it has been that way for the past 35 years. I hated seeing her in the hospital a few years ago after she accepted a job at a building that had mold problems with their air systems. While her coworkers were okay, her sensitivity to mold got her in the hospital and it forced that company to finally shut down that facility and move to a new one. She quit the job and received a small payout from the legal fallout, as there was clear negligence on part of her former employers. Nowadays my sister works from home and keeps her air clean with air purifiers that she keeps running for the duration of the day and night. Her air purifiers have charcoal filters for odors and mold toxins and HEPA filters for removing 99% off all airborne particles. Anything that doesn’t get trapped in the charcoal filter ends up in the HEPA filter underneath. There is also a UV-C bulb for extra air filtration power. Everyone could benefit from one of these air purifiers in their home, even if they did not have any respiratory or sinus allergies. Respiratory health is especially important for maintaining one’s overall health across the board. Neglecting clean air control in your home can lead to bigger problems down the road, especially if you allow unclean elements to fester and grow.

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