A fan blade had come loose

I was going to spend the holidays without my parents out of the country! But, there was a snowstorm that had grounded all the flights. I had already travelled from my beach apartment and I didn’t want to go home and be alone. I planned to join my cousin at our Grandma’s apartment in the countryside; When the storm was over, I got in a car and drove out to surprise all of them. They were so glad to see us, as well as all of us knew we’d all have a charming holiday… One morning, all of us woke up to a banging noise in the apartment coming from the A/C unit, then my grandma asked us to look at it. I wasn’t sure what was happening in the unit. I turned it off, and she insisted that we call up an A/C mechanic to come as well as repair it… It was winter, and so nobody was enjoying the weather. My brother had some experience with working on A/C units. But Grandma did not want to risk it with a house full of people. All of us obeyed her wishes and so we called an A/C mechanic to come over to inspect the cause of the banging noise. The A/C mechanic took time to get to the apartment. There was snow everywhere. Once he opened up that A/C unit, he noticed that section of the fan blade had somehow come off. This section was being blown around inside the unit. The best way to repair the faulty A/C fan was to install a newer one. It was worn out. Grandma agreed to this, and the A/C technician began taking the A/C apart to update the aging fan. In addition, he had to tighten up the loose electrical wires.


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