I love the ambiance

I’m fortunate to have such a bestie who likes myself and others as much as she regularly does.

I never ask for anything for our birthday or even holidays for that matter, but she always manages to make myself and others think special appreciate no 1 ever has before in my life.

It doesn’t matter if she simply gets myself and others a thick leather bound journal or buys a necklace or watch, I’m consistently left speechless by her ongoing thoughtfulness. When I ask her what she wants for our birthday or her own birthdays, she always tells myself and others not to worry. She’ll claim that she doesn’t want anything, but I do better. Aside from reciprocating with charming jewelry from time to time, I also buy her very nice candles. She is obsessed with candles, especially high-priced candles. I appreciate it when her blue eyes light up upon receiving a current candle from me. Last year I obtained a sugar cookie scented candle for her for the holidays. As much as I appreciate the candles too, they don’t come to you without their disadvantages. The soot starts to collect on indoor surfaces, especially on light colored walls if they’re painted. But worst of all, the soot can get inside your a/c, which recirculates the air all around your lake house and spreads the black powder even further. Every last time it recirculates, it coats the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. Before long, you know it can lead to cracks within the coil itself. Even if you use a special filter designed to easily collect soot, you should be mindful when you’re using candles excessively.

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