The farming business is part of this community

My grandfather was a farmer in this area and he owned thousands of acres of land.

  • Sometime during the 1950’s, he started renting his sign equipment to other people in the valley.

My grandfather had lots of commercial equipment, but he rarely used some machines. Neighbors offered to pay a few bucks a day to rent the expensive machinery so they wouldn’t need to buy something for a few days of cultivation or harvesting. That was the start of a very large business that supports half of this community now. I am in charge of the business and my grandfather retired many years ago. My Dad never wanted to be a part of the family business, and my wife and I are running everything now. When I took over, the first I did was call an internet marketing business to help us set up a website. The company didn’t have any online presence before I took over as head of the business. It took a couple of months to get the website up and running, but our sales reflected our hard work and dedication to the project. We even had a monthly email sent to all of our customers with new specials and sales. The website provided a huge boost to our already busy enterprise. We handle fifty percent of our business online through the website. Customers can rent or buy farm equipment online. We have over 50 different large and small farm supplies to choose from. They never even have to step foot in the building. We deliver the items right to the customer.

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