Need security at both homes

My husband and I do our time between 2 houses, and after we retired from our jobs, every one of us wanted to get away from the long winters of freezing and snow in the north! Both of us bought a little home far enough south that the temperature never drops below 30 degrees… From May to the end of September, every one of us enjoys the nicer weather up north.

Both of us spend the remainder of the year at our little house down south! While every one of us certainly enjoy our new lifestyle, maintaining 2 homes is a great deal of work.

It’s hard to keep up with the yardwork and official maintenance when we’re only on the premises for half of the year. Both of us are worried about issues with the heating and cooling systems causing damage such as pipes getting too cold. There was also the fear of someone breaking into our house while we left. I wanted to be able to watch over the properties whether we were at the house or not. Installing a home security proposal was a single of the best decisions we’ve made. We’re now able to check on the houses through an app on our phones. Both of us installed surveillance cameras so that we can watch real-time videos. We added motion-sensitive lights and automated door locks. There’s sensors on all the doors that send an alert if a single opens or if there’s glass breaking. Both of us get texts if there’s movement on either of the properties or if someone steps up onto the front porch. We’re able to see who it is and even speak to them.


Integrated Security System

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