I’d rather save money on the air conditioning

This year has been just one thing after another.

  • It seems as if the effects of the pandemic keep coming at us.

Of course, just trying to do the right thing and slow the spread has caused plenty of change for our household. The youngsters are studying from home. My partner and I are both working from the air conditioned comfort of our home office. That home office was actually just recently a guest room. But thus far, we are all dealing with the changes in the best way we can. And that’s entirely all anyone can ask for. While it hasn’t been very easy, we have all persevered. It was genuinely the warmest office I have ever worked in. My partner and I converted the guest room to serve as our dual office. We both wore nice tops in case one of us had to do video conferencing. Yet, we had to wear shorts to deal with where we kept the temperature control in the summer. But hey, we’d rather pocket the savings from the air conditioning in the summer time than overcool the place during peak heating time. That meant that we kept the air conditioning setting about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperatures. We then offset this by incorporating fans during the afternoon. We also made sure to keep the direct sunshine out so there was no ambient air heating either. Regardless, the family got through it and kept our utility bill stable. Hopefully next summer time will be back to an empty house where the temperatures can rise during the afternoon. But, we sure are cheerful to have the extra dough that we didn’t spend on the air conditioning this summer.



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