My previously quiet new HVAC suddenly makes noise

I like shortcuts and that means I try to save money as much as possible even with DIY projects. I bought an RV the other day and decided to custom-build it. The new HVAC I bought was mounted on the spot by an air conditioning professional working for the HVAC company where I bought the unit. I haven’t put much consideration into the air conditioning system I bought but I later came to realize it was an ill fitting size for my RV. Although I witnessed the air conditioning install, I started having my doubts after a few miles of driving. It took me a while to realize that the cooling industry makes special units for RVs but the air conditioning business sold me a regular unit with a homeowner solutions package. My unit was slowly coming off the hinges and making noise when it was on, so I had trouble getting air quality. Since I was far away from home, I decided to visit a local cooling and heating provider who advised me to replace it with a suitable unit or I’ll keep looking for a local a/c repairman at every stop. The ac set up was in an RV was rather new to me because the experience I was having turned out different compared to what I had at home. I always had a way to clean and reinstall the air filter and hardly called for help to handle any furnace/heater repair but here i was struggling to figure out why my RV unit is a problem. So I had no option but to hire a new contractor.

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