Leaks and condensation on the air conditioning system got me worried

In fact, no heating and cooling provider within the town wanted anything to do with his apartments

I always thought that mold and dampness on walls are normally caused by poor workmanship or a poorly maintained sewage system. Shock on me when I came across water resting atop my air conditioning system. I blamed myself a bit because when I got the house, I was in a hurry to move and I only saw the house online. So I basically inspected it after I moved in. There‚Äôs a lot the landlord did not mention so i came to find out bit by bit but the condition of the system bothered me a lot. When I discussed the matter with him, it was clear from the conversation that he didn’t have homeowners solutions and should the situation worsen, I wouldn’t get a new HVAC installed, and even if I wanted to pay for a new air conditioner install alone, I couldn’t afford it. I still went ahead and consulted a cooling and heating provider I also found online and they insisted on sending over an air conditioning professional to inspect the place. When i gave them my address, they recognised the place and said an a/c repairman was recently sent there to inspect the same apartment. The landlord has been uncooperative and he still owed the air conditioning business money for furnace/heater repair from the last maintenance. In fact, no heating and cooling provider within the town wanted anything to do with his apartments. So most of his air conditioning install is done by a new contractor who has no clue about him. So since I had no one to check the system, not even the air filter, I was stuck with poor air quality for a whole month then moved out voluntarily.

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