Positive lifestyle

I make physical fitness and mentally clarity a priority in my life.

It takes work and dedication.

I work really long hours and it’s difficult to find time to focus on myself. I set my alarm at four o’clock in the morning in order to have time to exercise before heading to work. I put in an intense hour of high cardio training. I run, jump rope, use battle ropes and hit a heavy bag. I make sure that I’m drenched with sweat, breathing hard and exhausted. Once I shower and get dressed, I feel fantastic. I have so much more energy and am ready for a tough workday. I am in a better mood and am way more productive. Because I’ve gotten my workout accomplished, I’m able to come home and relax. I take the extra effort to cook a very healthy and balanced dinner. Once I’ve had my dinner, I set aside an hour to meditate. I turn the lights down low, put on soft music and burn a scented candle. I close my eyes and clear my mind. Then I focus on positive thoughts and life goals. I go through affirmations. Right before bed I go through a deep and slow stretching regiment. Because of these efforts, I remain healthy, strong and have a wonderful outlook. I hope to maintain a high quality of life as I grow older. I strive to avoid illness and injury. I have seen my peers gain weight, age prematurely and suffer all sorts of physical ailments. They have slowed down and needed to give up on favorite hobbies because of a sedentary lifestyle.

Group Physical Training Classes

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