I am going to take these guys to school!

Growing up , I had always had the luxury of going to a school that had an efficient air conditioning and furnace system.

When it was an overheated day, the cooling systems were running in every room plus when it was winter outside, the heating unit kept the building a perfect temperature, but unluckily, my nights at school did not have the same luxuries as my childhood had with the air conditioning and furnace.

The school I attend does have an Heating and air conditioning plan, however, it is not well kept nor is it taken well care of by HVAC contractor. There have been times when I would be sitting in class plus it will be unquestionably warm, then in the middle of class teacher will set the control component at a lower temperature. I could hear the cooling system kick on but it wasn’t long before I started to shiver because of the cooling system. Then the teacher went back to the control component to turn the temperature back up by only two degrees then the oil furnace kicks on! A few teachers have put in a complaint about the HVAC plan however the board usually wouldn’t call the Heating and air conditioning corporation or even show a whiff of concern. Thankfully, the principal finally complained about the Heating and air conditioning system. The school called the corporation then an HVAC contractor came shortly and took care of our HVAC problems, but he told us while working on them that both the oil furnace plus the air conditioning part of the HVAC plan were malfunctioning plus that it would take a few hours to repair. It has been a few nights since the heating and air conditioning contractor fixed the oil furnace plus cooling system. Now I can absolutely say that thanks to the contractor, staying focused during class time is much easier.


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