Wine cellar being the perfect temperature

Just recently one of my best friends and I decided to go on our free weekend and take a wine tour. Wine tours are really interesting because not only can you taste the wine for a cheap cost but you can also see the extensive process on how the wine is made. Most of the time a good wine is wine that is aged and kept in oak barrels or wine bottles for a long time. During our tour we went down into a wine cellar where they kept most of their prized wines. These wines were worth a lot of money because some of them were over 50 years old. Our tour guide told us that the temperature of the wine cellar is extremely important when it comes to preserving the wine. The optimum temperature he said is set to 55 degrees all year long and is crucial. They have a smart thermostat that tells them the humidity and the temperature that it is set at. There’s also some sort of notification on the thermostat that tells them if the humidity is too high or too low. They also said that they have an hvac technician that is specifically hired through the wine company and is on call 24/7. When I looked around I saw a lot of air ducts that probably not only feed the air vents upstairs but also into the wine cellar as well. I couldn’t imagine how much this thermostat must have cost because it was a rather big screen, it was all touch screen and it seemed very high-tech. I feel like that would be a cool job and I wouldn’t mind having the job of the hvac technician because I’m sure that you get free wine with the job!

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