Most people seem to enjoy the Halloween holiday around here

Today is Halloween plus we’re doing this whole thing again with all of those deranged ghouls plus zombies that will be flooding the streets tonight.

I never entirely got into dressing up for this particular holiday, but I do enjoy watching everybody dress up around the city in their deranged outfits.

We actually had a large horror festival for the film industry plus a lot of the local corporations closed their doors for a while because the streets were too crowded to do business. The HVAC business where I worked was shut down for a short period of time as the owners went on a trip to get away from all of the hoards of people. For me it’s business as usual though with my HVAC service work in residences around the town. I pretty much have the same schedule regardless of the holidays or festivals going on. I am going to help someone this month with their heat pump as they said it isn’t entirely working too great. I think it entirely needs to be changed out, but I will check it out first plus make sure plus then go from there. If I can recover the HVAC machine after that we will save them some money, but I entirely don’t truly understand what kind of shape the heat pump is in as I haven’t looked at it just yet. The heating plus cooling shop has some fantastic heat pumps in stock, so if they need something brand new, I can entirely get it done on the same day. The weather is finally getting cooler plus a lot of people will be using their heating machines soon.



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