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I’ve been listening to this talk show about improving your life & it seems sort of like a lot of what they keep telling us is to quiet the mind & you will have a better experience of life.

I suppose we think too much as humans & a lot of these thoughts end up leading to suffering in some way. To quiet the mind & let go of thinking seems as though it would lead to less suffering. I’ve been meditating at this local corporation for many years now & I can truthfully say that I am a less tied up woman than before. My boss at the heating & cooling corp has observed a difference in me over the years & she even started to meditate at the same local corporation with this other new corporation. They do not charge any money for this meditation course everyday, they just want to help the community to become more present minded & calmer, but the Heating & Air Conditioning rep who runs the meditation course has been meditating for 20 years. Every single day & she is unquestionably calm & relaxed every time I see her. I genuinely would care about being like that & I recognize if I keep meditating all the time I can be much calmer in the future than I am at the moment. On occasion, when I am working on Heating & Air Conditioning devices it can be a stressful situation, & if I am not relaxed & in the moment I could get unquestionably miserable. I try to stay in the moment, especially when working on heat pumps or A/C compressors in someone’s household.


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