The HVAC company did not prepare me for this

The HVAC company definitely did not do a good job preparing me for my first day on the job.

I guess that I could have done a better job trying to figure out what my first day would be like, but it would have been nice if the owner of the HVAC company would have given me a heads up about what working for the HVAC company would be like.

I am personally friends with the owner of the HVAC company. Although I have no experience in the HVAC realm, I needed a job, and the HVAC company was hiring. I explained that I did not know if I wanted to be an HVAC technician. I really was only interested in making enough money to pay my bills, and that is exactly what I did. I started my job with the HVAC company in the middle of the winter, right after the holidays. I had just quit another job, and I took a few weeks off before I started working for the HVAC company. When I showed up on my first day at work, I realized I was definitely ill-prepared to work for the HVAC company. First of all, the HVAC company works outside or in new houses during the winter, and that meant that I had to dress warmly. Although I brought some warm clothes, I definitely was not prepared for freezing temperatures, and I nearly died trying to work outside. Eventually, the owner of the HVAC company sent me to a different job that was indoors. Furthermore, I did not know that I needed to bring all of my own tools to work for the HVAC company. We are all technically independent contractors, so I had to provide materials. It took me weeks to get all of my stuff in order.



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