Need to Get in a Good Workout on the Beach

I’ve really been slacking with my workout regime while here on vacation back in the states but today I am going to start up my routine again on the beach.

I want to wait till the sun goes down a bit because the rays are just too intense right now.

I could also work out in the house here because we have a good cooling system in the gameroom and a lot of space. I may see if my friend, who is an HVAC specialist, wants to work out with me later today at the beach. I’ll do yoga in the gameroom and then do some work for a few hours before hitting the beach for the main workout. This heat is killing me because I just came from overseas where I was still running the central heat in my flat. I think it is 40 degrees hotter here and really felt it the other day when I played a few hours of two on two beach volleyball. I wish we had a small portable cooling system, kind of like they use in the NFL, to cool us down between matches. I just need to adjust to the heat here, but by the time I do it will be time to hop on the plane and head back home overseas. I think I am going to cry when I leave my hometown here. At least I have a good friend back overseas, who happens to work at the HVAC company near my house. He is the one who helped me install my HVAC system recently.


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