I want to visit my family in the states more often

I’m so happy to be back home around my people after being gone for various years. My dad passed away while I was gone as well as I can feel the empty place in my heart where he once was. I am going to start coming back more often as well as stay for a month or so. My cousin told me that I can stay with her, so as long as she remains single there will be a space for me to crash when I come back for a visit. I got a new rental car, with ice freezing a/c, for $1300 for the month which is not a disappointing deal at all in this week’s world. I am going to paint my cousin’s property while I am here to negate the cost of the rental car, it should only take approximately a month to do. I need to go to the local business, which sells paint, to grab a good amount of paint as well as some painting tools as well as get going on this task. I only have several more weeks here as well as it is going to go by fast so I need to get started soon. I’m pretty happy my cousin keeps her property freezing because I can’t sleep well in the evening if there is no a/c, especially when it is as tepid as it is outside at this moment. I have a ceiling fan in my room however it spins so slowly I don’t genuinely feel much from it. I am going to buy her a HEPA filter at the local dealer’s shop that sells Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C equipment.

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