We do a ton of baking during the summer

We always have a booth at the local farmers’ market to sell our baked goods so we do a ton of baking during the summer.

Normally, baking in our kitchen isn’t that big of an issue but in the summer when the temperatures are really hot outside, we end up having problems with the high temperatures! It seems like as soon as we turn that oven on in the kitchen, the temperature in the kitchen raises at least 20 degrees.

It’s terrible when the outside temperatures are really hot too because then you just can’t seem to get out of the heat. Even though we have central cooling in the house, it doesn’t seem to be any match for the hot temperatures that are coming out of the kitchen. The central cooling system will run all day long and we will still be sweating like crazy as we bake in the kitchen. I knew that there must be an answer to this problem, so I finally called the HVAC company just to see what their ideas for our problem might be. I thought it was really interesting that the HVAC technician that I spoke with said that we should close off the air conditioning vents in the kitchen first thing. He also said that we should keep that room completely separate from the rest of the house. He said to block off the door with plastic. Then he said that our best bet would be to install a ductless mini split air conditioning system in the kitchen instead of trying to cool the kitchen with the central air conditioning. I guess we will try it and see if it works!

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