My grandpa says that it’s too hot at his new home

My grandpa moved into a retirement village a couple of months ago and while he says that he really likes it for the most part, there is one thing that he would change.

in the retirement village super high all the time.

k told me he started telling me all about the issues that he has been having. He really likes the food, and he loves all of the different activities that they have. He also likes to play poker with a bunch of different guys that he has made friends with there. But then the one thing that he does not like is the fact that they keep the temperature in the retirement village turned up super high all the time. He says that the management keeps the thermostat turned up to 80 degrees most days. He isn’t like most older men, though. He’s in really good shape and so he doesn’t really stay all that cold like a lot of older people do. He also doesn’t have to take medications that make him feel cold all the time. I told my grandpa when he first moved in there that I would help him out if he ever ended up needing help. So when he started complaining to me about the fact that it’s way too hot in there all the time, I told him that I would definitely go and talk to the administrators for him. When I mentioned how he thought that it was too warm in the building, the administrator told me that although they couldn’t change the main central temperature settings, I could bring him a window unit air conditioning system for his suite and that should help. I know he’s going to be happy about that.

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