I’m going to need help cooling off

Since we are going to be going to a ton of baseball games this summer, I’m going to need to do something to help me cool off during the games.

I realized this last year when we played so many games and I did not have any way to cool off except to go sit in the car and turn the air conditioning on full blast.

That ended up with me overheating the car a couple of times and then my husband told me that I wasn’t allowed to do that anymore! I told him if I wasn’t allowed to use the air conditioning in the car on those scorching summer days when my son was sitting on the bench in the dugout, then he was going to have to pay for me to get some other kind of cooling device to use at all of the ball games that we are going to have to go to. Several times last year when we were at different ball games, there were a few different moms who had some kind of special little cooling device around their necks. I don’t know if it’s some kind of personal air conditioning system or what, but I am going to call my local HVAC company and find out all about it. If they have a little personal air conditioning system that I can purchase for myself, then I am definitely going to do it! Being able to stay cool while sitting at the ballfield in the hot temperatures of summer would be priceless for me!

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