I told my sister to sign up for an air filter subscription service

I told my sister that she should sign up for the same air filter subscription service that we have been using for the past year.

If you had told me a year ago that I would have signed up for an air filter subscription service, I would have told you that you were crazy.

I always thought that those things were a complete waste of time and money, but now that we have had it for a while, I can’t say enough good things about it. Prior to having the air filter subscription service, we would always let our air filters go too long without being changed. Even though we use high quality HEPA filters in our heating and cooling system, the filter itself cannot do what it’s supposed to if you don’t change it on time. That’s the situation that we were in. It wasn’t that we didn’t care about our indoor air quality or something like that, though. It was more the fact that between all of our crazy work schedules and our kids sports schedules and school stuff, we simply just forgot to change the air filters whenever it was time to do so. That seemed to happen to us over and over again, and then we would start to wonder why the indoor air quality in our house was getting so bad. That’s when we would remember that we forgot to change the air filter. The air filter subscription service has changed all of that for us. Whenever a new one shows up on our doorstep, that is the signal that it’s time to change it. We have been doing it as soon as it arrives. I told my sister that she should sign up for the same thing because they have been having trouble with their HVAC system. I think that this could help them out too.


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