Using UV air purification as well as HEPA filters got us through the pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, I genuinely had a moment with the HVAC professional who came out to our house for our regular HVAC plan tune-up.

The two of us genuinely have been enrolled in an HVAC repair plan for numerous years with this HVAC supplier as well as they have constantly done excellent work. Of course, this HVAC professional who came out to repair our unit went above as well as beyond. The two of us especially appreciated the fact that he cared only about our safety so that nobody would end up getting sick. He constantly wore a mask while working in our house as well as he told us something we should know. While I thought we had alright air quality in our house before, I never definitely thought about investing in HVAC components that would eliminate the threat of harmful bacteria as well as viruses. He told us about UV air cleaners as well as how some of the best air cleaners work with HEPA filters along with a UV light. The UV light kills those pesky pathogens that can absolutely pass through a regular air filter. Fortunately, when we updated to HEPA filters as well as the UV air cleaner, we had hardly any worries while making our way through the pandemic, as well as we never became seriously ill, which means the world to me as well as our enjoyed 1s. I ended up telling everybody that they should also invest in HEPA filters as well as UV whole-house air purifiers, as well as nobody in our family ended up dying during this thing, as well as I’m so grateful for that, but I definitely owe it all to the HVAC professional.

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