The memorandum was not enough to get myself and others to change our air filters on time

Despite the memorandum I had on our desk to remind myself and others to change our air filters, I kept increasing our air filters in our Heating and A/C system way too late, and i mean, increasing the air filters is better than not increasing them at all, so I feel I get some credit for our Heating and A/C maintenance.

I tended to only change the air filter when the air quality was really bad and our Heating and A/C system was struggling.

It was distraught that it was only when our Heating and A/C was running in bad shape when I really thought to swap out the air filters. It’s distraught too because it’s not like I don’t keep a box of air filters nearby the Heating and A/C component for simple swapping! Fortunately, the last time I had an Heating and A/C professional out for our correct cooling system tune-up, he provided myself and others some advice. I told him about our issue when he mentioned there was a lot of dust buildup in our system, however he said that a lot of people have the same issue as me, forgetting to adjust the air filters on time or just neglecting the system entirely. I wasn’t trying to neglect our system, but he came up with a homeowner solution for me. He said that with a smart temperature control, I would receive alerts and reminders for air filter changes and on-time Heating and A/C maintenance for ultimate efficiency with our Heating and A/C equipment… After having him install a modern smart temperature control for me, everything became so simple. I never forget to change our air filters on time these days thanks to our smart temperature control reminding myself and others and now our energy costs are lower than ever.



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