My cousin explained his side supplier selling old heat as well as AC products

When I went to visit our cousin, I told him that I thought he had too numerous heat as well as AC products in his garage.

He told me that there was no such thing as having too numerous heat as well as AC products.

He had so numerous old HVAC parts, portable heaters, window AC units, as well as thermostats galore. I got to talking to him about it as well as he told me that he sold old heat as well as AC products after he was done fixing them. He said it wasn’t difficult to clean up old units as well as he made pretty nice money by selling these products constantly. I was genuinely surprised that people would want to buy old products but our cousin explained that they don’t make these systems love they used to. He said some of the antique oil furnace units he could sell for top dollar. He said there was 1 old oil furnace he sold for $500, as well as he got it for a small fee at a local junkyard. I had to admit, he had a nice little side hustle supplier going on here as well as I realized that it wasn’t a bad plan to try to make some extra currency, especially while we’re dealing with such a rough economy plus inflation that’s getting out of control; Every little bit of money that you can manage to save, you should do that if you want security moving into the future… Who knows, I might choose to start doing the same thing as our cousin as well as start selling old heat as well as AC products, and maybe I can make some nice money too!

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