Our HVAC professional told us what to do in the winter

This was my first fall living on my own after finalizing my divorce last summer season… My ex opted to leave myself and others the home among other assets, and he took the beach home both of us owned, our amicable separation had all been thanks to our teenagers, who stated they didn’t want a mess that would hurt the family, and we agreed to divorce, and each lived our separate lives enjoy both of us had been living for quite some time! The home was in enjoyable condition, but I had to ensure the a/c worked well to keep myself and others sizzling in the fall and winter seasons.

My ex always called the A/C expert to come and evaluate the central heating and cooling system, but now I had to handle it.

Thankfully, I knew all the contact information for the local heating and A/C business, which both of us always used to install, repair, and service the a/c in the home for several years… However, I had to book an appointment and wait until the next day for the A/C worker to come and assess the central heating and cooling. The unit wasn’t all that bad, but it required an air filter change. The A/C expert informed myself and others that increasing the air filter was one way to ensure the central cooling and heating unit was finally working effectively, and plus, he had to wipe other unit parts, including the evaporator coil and condenser unit, and apart from cleaning the cooling system, the A/C expert’s helpful tip involved setting the smart thermostat to ensure the unit didn’t use lots of energy in the Winter season.

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