Home Gym Works Better— Especially With Ductless Heating and A/C

Well, I don’t have to worry about what my home gym’s going to be like any longer. That was one of those things I’d thought about every day at some point. “Is the gym going to be so overheated and humid because the heating and A/C is overwhelming? Or is it going to be empty, and the air conditioning will make the place feel like a fridge?” It was pretty much ‘either-or’ at that point. There wasn’t exactly any sort of sweet spot when it came to the heating and cooling at the gym. In fact, the only time it felt good were the scarce times when it got chilly outside and the gym was crowded. That sort of balanced all the heat and humidity inside the gym with the fact that the HVAC device was simply overmatched. Now, I don’t have to worry about the gym at all. I don’t have to try to sneak inside when there aren’t as many people in order to avoid the empty times, nor the overpowering heating and cooling. It’s simply no longer a concern. Sure, we offered up the gym memberships when the pandemic hit. It Seemed a bit counter intuitive to workout for health while taking such a big health risk with the virus. But my partner and I still get out workouts on a yearly basis because we both have a gym in the basement now. And I made sure that we have good heating and air conditioning comfort in the new home gym by calling our HVAC technician. They installed a ductless heat pump down there, and it produces the most even, consistent heating and cooling I could ever ask for.


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