Getting plenty of good heating and air conditioning while out on the road

So, I’ve sorta had to give up a bit on air travel.

  • What once seemed just completely indispensable is now, not so much.

I’ve traveled for my work so frequently that I have a seemingly endless supply of travel miles. While that’s great and all, I’ve worked and flown for work so much that I never get to use all those accumulated miles. That all changed with the pandemic. Not only were none of us working from the lovely zone controlled heating and air conditioning of our downtown offices, flying wasn’t an option. I did my best to keep up with our customers online from the safety and comfort of the heating and air conditioning at home. But after weeks and weeks, it was clear that I needed to be visiting these places to supply the sort of repair that our corporation is known for. And so, I loaded up the car that summer, maxed out the a/c, and hit the road. This was a sufficient solution to my situation. By hitting the road instead of the airways, I could stick to the protocols much more closely. I wasn’t looking to take any openings with this virus. Yet, I found there are some real advantages to driving instead of flying. Although I’m gone for a few afternoons longer, I’m much more comfortable with the heating and cooling in my car. In fact, I’ve found that the accommodations along the road are far better when it comes to heating and cooling as well. Plus, I don’t have to worry about cancelled flights and the mess that air travel has turned into.
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