Ductwork Cleaning Adds to Indoor Air Conditions and I Feel Better

Getting older has a few benefits.

There are a lot of situations that I have faced before so, I’m a bit more experienced at dealing with them.

There is a lot of benefit to having seen a bit of life. It imbues my experiences with a certain measure of wisdom. And I have a good excuse to take a night off from the gym to appreciate the great air conditioning at home. Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot of use for getting older. My body has more aches and pains, and for a long while there, I was feeling as though I was regularly dealing with some sort of respiratory issue after another. Finally, I went to the doctor to see what was going on. My doctor is amazing, and pays close attention to me. She asks all encompassing, yet recognizable questions. When I told her all about these lingering respiratory troubles, I figured I’d get a course of antibiotics or something. Instead, the doctor told myself and others to call my local HVAC technician. That was not at all what I thought I’d hear. The doctor concluded that the indoor air conditions of my house were causing my problems. She recommended that I change my heating and air conditioning filter from the cheap singles to a HEPA filter, and she recommended that I have the heating and air conditioning professionals perform ductwork cleaning. That’s exactly what I did— and she was right on target. With the HEPA filter and the ductwork cleaning, I’m breathing better than ever. All those lingering respiratory troubles are gone.

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