The lake house HVAC needed service last week

The lady who owns our lake house rental property does not live nearby.

The girl uses a local Property Management Service to handle all of my issues with the house.

When I have a problem, I call the service to make a repair request. Late last week, I called the property management service to tell them that my lake house HVAC needed to be inspected. I kept hearing an uncommon noise coming from the machine plus I felt that the indoor air was not as chilly as it should be. I contacted the property management service on Monday plus I left a telephone message. I waited all through the afternoon for someone to return our call. On Monday morning, I called again plus I left a 2nd telephone message. Monday I tried to call plus Monday I tried to call. Early Monday afternoon, I stopped at the property management office on our way to the lake house from work. There was a single vehicle in the parking lot, even though the door was locked tight. I knocked plus knocked plus not until someone finally answered the door. I demanded help with the HVAC in our home. I told the lady that answered the door that I have called various times this week. She apologized profusely, plus she said it was too late to call the HVAC repair service that afternoon. She promised they would be at our lake house first thing in the morning the next day. Thankfully, she made fine on that promise. The handyman was at our residence well before 8am, plus the HVAC was fixed by suppertime.


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