I know deep down I need the nutrition training plan

After having my second child, I was having a fairly tough time getting rid of my post baby weight.

It seemed as though just looking at food made me gain more weight.

By the time my baby was a year of age, I had already gained another fifty pounds on top of the twenty-two I had kept after having my baby. I wasn’t feeling especially good, diabetes was around the corner, and my partner wasn’t especially thrilled with me. He told me that he loved me regardless of what happened, but he couldn’t lose the weight for me. He proposed I go to a nutritionist who could supply me with a nutrition training plan. I was honestly distraught that he wouldn’t just work with me, but he was willing to find a nutritionist for me. I had never been incredibly heavy before and I didn’t feel I necessarily needed a nutrition training plan. I was thinking that if I had just had someone to talk that had already been through this, I could learn how to eat better. It wasn’t quite like I was overeating purposely. I had to keep up my strength with a pair of young children. I was breastfeeding and trying to keep a dwelling running at the same time. I ate when I had the chance, which wasn’t all that often. I began thinking of all the excuses I was using to get out of going to a nutritionist and getting a nutrition training plan. That’s around the time when I realized I had an eating disorder and I needed more help than what I thought I needed.

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